Monday, February 20, 2017

New possibilities.....

.......are offered with the beginning of this new week.  It's exciting to think about isn't it?  Moment by moment our life unfolds.

Many of my quilts have returned home after enjoying their travels.  I wish they could report back to me what they observed and the comments they heard.  Some of them are hanging out in France waiting for the show in Nantes.  What an interesting life they lead.  The ones I show today are letting you know they are available to travel again if there is a shop who would like to give them room and board far a few weeks.  There are also some new items which will be made into kits, hopefully during this new week. 

This is a new design, Flowers From My Window.  I will begin making the kits for this during this new week.  It should then be on my web site by next week.

Follow the Sun is another design that is being held for the Primitives of the Midwest which will be held at Quilter Station in
Kansas City, during this upcoming August.

This table runner called Patriotic Bouquets, will be available next week also.  I will be making kits for this also.

Many of you asked about who designed this quilt.  A very thoughtful and kind reader of this blog emailed me the information.  It can be found in the Collection one quilt book by Kimmel/Branock/Patek.  Now hopefully it can be found.  I would certainly love to get my hands on one!

I See Stars.....can be found under large pieced quilts.

The Story of my all time favorites.  It will be found under the same heading.  How I love the simple Nine Patch.

Gathered In Time.....another favorite......found under the same heading.

The Bird Tree.....Plant a green tree and perhaps the birds will come.  This pattern can be found under Applique wall hangings.

Set Your Sails.  I love 2 colored quilts, and this looks nice out during February as it looks great with Valentines décor.

Life Is A Patchwork, stitch a little bit of loving care, sew together with some kindness, let the sunshine everywhere.  Choose a pattern for your life's work, add some fun along the way.  life is a valued patchwork, keep it precious day by day.  This can be found under applique wall hanging.

Ahh!  Bunnies and spring go hand in hand, and it reminds us to live in the sunlight.  :-)  Living In the Sunlight.  This pattern can be found under applique wall hangings......or it could work nicely as a table topper.  I have a couple of kits left for this, and I have more fabric ordered to make more.

Prairie Bouquets....applique table toppers.  The kits are gone and I will not be making more.

Hearts All Year Long.  This is wool on Cotton and I have kits left of this one.

Winter Berry.  Wool applique, table toppers.  The kits are gone and I will not be making more.

Garden Angel.....I have a few kits left of this one.

This Is My Country.  I will be teaching this at the retreat in Roosevelt, Utah which I will be attending in March. I have a few kits left and will be making more once the fabric for the border arrives.

A new Design called Black Birds and Bittersweet.  This pattern as well as the kits will be held back and available after I have taught it at Primitives of The Midwest.

It is wool on cotton.

Parlor Table......and I do love this on my kitchen table during the summer months, especially June and July.  By August I'm starting to anticipate the change of the seasons.

Mattie's I really had fun making this one.  I always love making them look old.

Piecing the pieces...the light plaid is one of Bruce's shirts.  It pays to shop for your husbands shirts.

Gathering Honey......I have kits for this, but some of the fabrics have been substituted but still pretty.

"When we feel love and kindness toward others, It not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace."  -Dali Lama

Sending you off into this new week, hopefully with a smile, a spring in your step and joy in your heart!  :-)

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  1. Your quilts are beautiful. So glad I purchased your book, "My Quilting Legacy"! And still more beautiful quilts being created by you! Keep those juices flowing!