Friday, April 28, 2017

Visiting Normandy.....

Thank you everyone for explaining about the gorgeous yellow fields we saw throughout the French country side.  First canola oil and then after being pressed, it is feed for the cattle.  I enjoyed all of your comments! :-)

Here's my handsome traveling buddy!  We both enjoy history, but he is so well read on the subject that he made an excellent guide.

This verdant green pasture was adjacent to where we stayed while visiting the Normandy coast line.

May I introduce the resident cat, Miss Susie.......a real sweetie.

Early flowers of spring found blooming in the yard.

Vibrant shades of green.

My new project is developing.

I'm having fun selecting just the right piece of Diamond Textile fabric to use, along with pulling from my reproduction fabric stash.  I cleaned up and organized before I left but I'm back making a big mess!

The very best part about traveling is the people one meets.  After this visit we met people not only from France, but from Spain, Australia, Tasmania, The United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and India.  It was comforting to become acquainted with amazing, warm, generous loving people.  I found it reassuring to focus on this when the news very frequently reports on this fact. It caused me to feel optimistic!

" The more we share the more we have." -Leonard Nimoy

Have a happy hearted week end. :-)


  1. ton debut de projet est superbe!!!!!!

  2. Loving the new project.
    Thanks for sharing your photos of the cemetery. Most appropriate this month of Memorial Day. And very affecting...feeling quite moved remembering the cost of war. We were led, then, by giants of men; are there any such now?
    Looking forward to your new project as always.