Tuesday, June 27, 2017


This evening we celebrated Abbie's husband, Chad's birthday.  What a special evening it was.......we tucked an abundance of special memories away in our memory bank!  We always regret that our Ohio family is absent from the group.  We found many reasons to keep on toasting.....life is good.

I was charmed by this bag.....little 1/2 in strips.

This is the token bright quilt in the shop....and I loved it.  You will notice how lovely their kits are packaged.

Beauty everywhere I looked......heart pitter patter type loveliness!

I found my way down to the basement to check out the sale items.  I can see my skirt in the mirror.

I mastered the most will power in our group.....there were many temptations.

A thankful heart is what I had, to have this opportunity to visit once again at the Country Sampler, and the charming little town of Spring Green.

All of the stitcheries were beautifully framed.

This is the stitchery which we received at the retreat last year.

Some how I overlooked the 365 Lovely thoughts.  I'm disappointed because I'm sure it would have provided good soul food.

Just a sweet little quilt!

"First, learn from the past that you may be a better wife, a better mother, a better potter, or what ever your talent lies, and a better person than the generations before you.  And second carve your path straight and wide for those that follow."
-Ben Behunin


  1. What a lovely shop! Thanks for sharing it. Lots of inspiring work here.

  2. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures! Love the pinwheel quilt in solids.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! One of each of those quilt kits please!!! Or, better yet... next time you go, I'll scrunch myself tiny to fit in your luggage? lol! Thanks for sharing these pics of your trip! :-)