Thursday, June 29, 2017

Still finding inspiration....

I saw this in passing and thought it was worth sharing.

Selma, who works at Country Sampler and also makes beautiful quilts, also is an inspired cook.  She provides us breakfast every morning and also made fantastic dinners for us.  Her daughter is expecting a baby, and this is the quilt she made to provide a cuddly welcome.

The cozy flannel on the back was perfect.

Carol Hopkins share a few of her wonderful quilts with us.  The one is called Signal Flags.  It was one of our projects from last year, which I completed the top for this year.

I loved these sweet little baskets.  There are many little basket quilts out there, and I love them all.

This is an adorable sampler quilt which she shared with us.

Another sensational quilt.

This awesome quilt is made from a newly published book by Carol, Hopkins and Linda, Konig.  Unfortunately Linda dies before she was able to see the finished book.  What is especially unique about this quilt, is that all of the blocks are 4" X  5", making this quilt a one of a kind.  I purchased the book, because I wanted to take my time and study the blocks......and maybe I'll even find time to start it one day.

We were all thrilled when Jeanie once again entertained us for dinner is her lovely home.  This wonderful turkey was adorning the entrance to her home.

These beautiful delicious fresh blueberry pies were prepared for desert.....they knocked our socks off so to speak!

Simply lovely!  I love the statement it makes over the back of the chair.


Loveliness abounded through Jeanie's home.

I loved this little kitty tucked away in this basket of fabric balls ready to be made into a rug.

The land of the free because of the brave.

This unfinished star adds a special touch to the table.

More tomorrow.....:-)


  1. wonderful post, love the ad, having the courage to go on even in despair was something I needed to hear today. Love the angel on the table with the star quilt, do you know who made it? also is there a pattern for the star?

  2. Oh my! I love that star...and the rolled wool pinkeep...and the bowtie quilt! Country Sampler stuff just makes me so happy! :-)