Thursday, July 13, 2017

More from Cottage House Primitives.......

We enjoyed this shop so much......there were many lovelies we wanted to take home with us.

Roxanne really fell in love with this hand painted long box.  After measuring it, she decided it would not fit.  We were already so loaded down, and she had already mailed things home, that it was left looking oh so tempting on the shelf.  If we had driven, there might not have been room for us in the vehicle!

I spent the greater part of the day preparing stitching to take with me on our road trip.  Can't be left without projects.  Have I considered clothing yet?  No, of course not.  We who quilt and stitch know that is secondary! :-)

I will share one last bit from the book I mentioned on yesterdays post.  "None of us travel alone in life.  We all have the power to help those around us, or to harm them.  It is the choices we make that define our walk, defines our own personal journeys, and make us the people we are."

Summer seems to be flying by in a hurry......I hope you are taking time to enjoy it.