Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Where has the summer gone......

......it seems as if we never had July, and now it is August.  I love the Autumn season, but I feel as if summer has passed me by.  It probably seems that way because of being out and about and not having time at home.  We had a marvelous weekend.  Grandpa Whaley has turned 89 and we had a birthday celebration to honor the event.  Family gathered, and special memories were made.

This is the table topper which I will be teaching at an upcoming retreat in Lee's Summit in Missouri, at an event which is called Primitives of the Midwest.

These are pictures off the pattern cover, as the real thing is on display at the store who is sponsoring the event, Quilter's Station.  I have been making kits for this project, and they will be on my web site soon.  My web master is on a vacation, so it will happen after his return.  If you are impatient about waiting, you can always contact me.

While visiting Bruce's cousins, they also took us to visit Lake McConaughy.  The shoreline is 76 miles.  It is a beautiful body of water, and many of the beaches are covered with soft sand.

Our next stop was at the Quilted Moose, in Gretna, Nebraska.

This great quilt store was filled with gorgeous fabric!!  An abundance of samples covered the walls, which always bring inspiration.

In this sample, it is so interesting how some of the blocks just pop and become attention getter's.  Some advancing and some receding.

I think I've mentioned this before, but I do love baskets.

There were a few wool samples, but that is not the specialty.  There was some wool on the bolt.

I will have more from the Quilted Moose tomorrow.  You will not want to pass through Nebraska on I 80, with out stopping at this quilt store. Gretna is just off the interstate and is easily found.  It was my first visit, and I'm happy I stopped.

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." -Winston Churchill


  1. With the lake and the Basket Quilt, I've decided I'm coming to visit! I'm about done with Winter anyway! ;)

  2. I lived near Omaha from the end of 1978 - beginning of 1981. Never heard of Lake McConaughy. It looks beautiful. Have fun at Primitives of the Midwest. I've had several guild friends attend in the past and they loved it!

  3. The lake looks gorgeous. Growing up I spent many, many summers in Elgin, NE. My grandfather was the local country doctor and my grandmother was his nurse. I never knew NE had such a beautiful lake. I just remember gobs of corn fields and farms. We had a family farm in the Elgin area too. I also remember them posting the population on the signs as you came into town. There were only 800 or so people in Elgin and the town where my grandfather was originally from (Julian) had a whopping 90 people. I do long to take my hubby there to show him where I spent a good part of my childhood summers. Thanks for sharing those beautiful quilts!

  4. Debbie's shop is my all-time favorite! I love "The Moose"! There is a surplus of fabric, kits and BOMs. The staff is wonderful and always helpful, glad to call them friends! She has hosted international quilters such as Michelle Yeo and Jen Kingwell and national quilters such as Edyta Sitar and others. My budget goes out the window every time I go there! :)