Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Warm sunshine during the day....

but the nights draw in, thoughts of a crackling fire come into play!

This guy takes me for a stroll down memory lane.  I purchased him on a trip I took back to Ohio with some of my good friends.  It was Autumn time and he spoke loud and clear!

These are some new applique blocks I am working on.  I really enjoy needle turn applique.  It is so calming and relaxing.

Come along today, to view a few more antiques that I felt worthy to take a photo of.

It was the cat in this picture that stole the show.

I do believe this determines the outcome of our day.

The houses caught my attention here.

There is something about old suitcases.....where have their travels taken them?

This store had crafts tossed in with the antiques.

I couldn't pass by these beautifully written words.

I have made 2 lone star quilts, and have given them both away.  This one was worn and no doubt loved.

A cheerful scrap quilt.

"Without ambition one starts nothing.
Without work one finishes nothing.
The prize will not be sent to you.
You have to win it."  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. I am in love with your new quilt blocks!!♥!! The fabrics you have picked out are beautiful as always. I loved the Cat That Stole The Show but I also liked the wise words to the right of him: Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons.