Monday, November 20, 2017

I enjoy beginnings......

....and I'm always very happy to start a new week working in my home.  I loved my nursing career, but am happy to report that I am living my dream!  New possibilities for new quilts are on overload in my mind.  I try to write the ideas down and file them in my ideas box, because if I don't my energy is stymied. I just returned from a retreat that inspired, and renewed the realization of what a blessed person I am.

These two blocks represent the starting of a new quilt I started at the retreat.  The gathering was called Needles and Knots, and we were devoid of sewing machines.  Instead of hearing sewing machines as the back ground noise, there was chatter and laughter.

Here someone is working on The antique brown basket quilt.  I can only imagine how old and amazing this will be.

Here is Leslie's knitting bowl, which holds her yarn, and the other little essentials a quilter must have!

Yes, these are too essential.  One must have the appropriate and charming bags to carry our sewing projects.

And here is Diana's little sewing bucket, so that she can carry her sewing necessaries in style!  Felting was one of the classes taught and this is the pincushion she maid.

Rug hooking was also taught, as well as needle punch.

This was a sweet project teaching embellishment stitches.

I was wishing this felted knit bag was mine, but didn't begrudge Diana caring her sewing essentials in it.

Gaylyn, was hoping to finish this project for Thanksgiving.

English Paper Piecing was a popular project being worked on.

Paula, is making this gorgeous quilt by hand piecing.

It was so stunning, that I purchased the pattern.  I would be satisfied with one block framed.

This is an adorable little Santa made out of a sweater, with felting added.

I had never before heard of plaque.  The rug is made with strips of wool cut on the bias and croquet.  It is on my to do list one day.

Croqueting with wool yarn and then felting.....LOVE!

Flora is working on this splendid quilt, which has hexagons spotlighting  a gorgeous fabric center.

Flora, found this manuscript in her basement which was written by her mother while taking a sewing class in college.  It was graded by one of those professors, who could only give her an A-.

At the back of the cover, was this sample of stitching....what a treasure for Flora.

This quilt is called Lost Children and is paper pieced.  This is also calling my name......oh dear, projects and fabric that exceeds life's expectancy.

And.....I was thrilled to meet a new friend who has just completed my design, How Does Your Garden Grow?  This can be found in my book by Quilt Mania, plus a bunch of other projects.  It is still available from Quilt Mania.

"Healing is the process of becoming whole.  It requires work.  Forgiving, learning to choose love over fear, and affirming my commitment to self growth and happiness by looking for the best in myself and others."  -Tzivia Gover


  1. So much inspiration! I love the name of the retreat--says it all!

  2. Oh my-what delightful photos of great projects and that retreat sounded 'yummy'--
    enjoy the moments, di

  3. So glad your retreat was rejuvenating! Love the looks of your new project.

  4. I recognized the photo of the rug called 'plaque'. Only it is an old New England technique here called Shirret. There were instruction books written for it by Louise McCrady and her daughter once had a website to carry on for her mother, but has since given it up. I took a class from Louise back in the 80's and am still doing rugs and chair pads occasionally. I also have an old Family Circle magazine saved that featured Shirret and the rugs Louise made. If you would like any pictures of my Shirret, I can send. :-) I also have a page on Pinterest with pictures of my work and I have pictures of some of Louise's work. She learned the technique from her grandmother as I recall.

  5. Well then, at least I understand the "soul" connection from one nurse to another. Great designs. Great blog. Thank you