Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sharing my treasures.....

The temptation of the jug was just to much for me......and I found a spot to tuck it into my car and it arrived home safely.

When I look at it I have joy, and most of all the good memories associated with it's purchase.

Little mouse threading her needle stopped me in my tracks.  She not only hold a needle, but my small Dovo scissors clings to it also.......and the entire time I'm stylin!

Also, from the highly gifted Stacy Nash I purchased this sewing essential!  It is so beautiful and I treasure it!

This too will bring me joy!

And I discovered this old pewter pitcher and bought it for a song!  I smiled all the way back to my car with it.  By this time all the room we had was a little cranny.  I had to look long and hard to find it! 

Now for our amazing evening at the International Quilt Museum.  The first exhibit was of the quilts by Erica Waaser.......Voltage was a most appropriate name.

Stunning dashes of color for the modern quilt lover.

On this quilt the back side with the unfinished seams are found on the outside.  I liked it better from a distance than I did up close.

More tomorrow.

"Be selective in your battles.  Sometimes peace is better than being right."  -unknown


  1. Wonderful treasures and finds! May I ask, please, where you found the delightful mouse needle holder? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing your treasures. What great finds! I especially love the mouse threading the neede. Is that a magnet?

    Fantastic quilts! I am fully awake now... !

  3. I so enjoy watching all you do and following you on your travels....Love your work! I joined "Garden Wimsey" to get inspiration and just enjoy! Unfortunately this morning those of us that are not participating were asked to leave group... Guess if are not willing to "buy" - we are not welcome!!! How sad!

    1. That has been taken care may follow along, and I hope that you will.