Monday, December 4, 2017

On a happier note......

This week end I began doing some Christmas decorating, and got a good start.  While doing so I entertained many of the good memories I have of my friend.  I rejoice, that I have them.  Working as a Hospice and Home Health nurse, taught me that eventually all that remains for us are the memories we have.  During this season of gift giving, cherish all of your good memories and consider them at the top of your gifts received list.

My talented son has been crafting these amazing cutting boards from various hard woods.  I have enjoyed mine, and after using it I simply clean it and then wipe it down with mineral oil.

It is the perfect gift for those who enjoy entertaining, and can be purchased for under a $100.00.  He can be reached at

I have completed this quilt called Christmas Or Not.  The pattern is in the process of being written, and will be available sometime this week.

A close up look of one of the corners.

The quilt over the chair is Trees Around the World, a Red Wagon pattern by Gerry Kimmel.  And my friend gave me this pillow for Christmas several years ago.  It is always a joy to bring it out every winter.

Snowbound.  A pattern from an old Red Wagon book, but still a favorite.  The label on the back states that it was made during the winter of 1993, and that we Utah had recorded record snow fall.  I remember Bruce trying to shovel the driveway, and having no place to go with the snow, that was well over his head.  Bruce is 6 feet tall.  It has been several winters in which we have not experienced this kind of snow fall.

I love this angel from an old Red Wagon book.  I have another day of decorating, but I enjoy simplifying this.  I need fresh evergreen scent in the house!

"I can scarcely wait till tomorrow when a new life begins for me, as it does each day, as it does each day."  -Stanley Kunitz


  1. Norma, what a beautiful new quilt you've created, Christmas Or Not, I love it and would love to make it. You have so much talent.

  2. My father died Dec 5, 2010--he loved Christmas. When I decorate my home, I think about the many years of happy memories I had with him and my family. Your quilts are beautiful--was a good reminder for me to put the Christmas quilts on the bed.