Friday, December 8, 2017

Simply Vintage.... Quilt Mania, sent me this picture from the upcoming publication.

The Red Cross quilt.

More itsy bitsy flying geese and the square in a square tiny blocks. Just amazing!

We can see that they use patterns similar to what we use.....actually very much like what we use.

I would hope that baby did not spit up on these spectacular collars.

The border on this reminds me of the border on the Jane Sickle quilt.

To be used on the camel that would carry the bride.

This mirror holder reminds me of the things we make , needle keeps, things to carry our sewing around in, pretty holders for knitting needles, the list goes on and on.  Women wanting to surround themselves with beautiful things which they make with their hands, and so that they have something that lasts beyond the day to day housekeeping.

I hope you find this as interesting and as fascinating as I have.  I will have more to share on the next blog.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." -Rumi


  1. Oh my that border. I can't breathe its just stunning

  2. What a beautiful reminder that the practical and mundane need not look boring.