Monday, February 26, 2018

The tulips are under.....

.....a deep blanket of snow.  I believe that will slow them down a bit!  A relaxing and enjoyable time was my experience in Arizona.  Good to be with family.  However, I spent a very enjoyable day with a student from a class I taught at Olde World Quilt Shoppe who is now a special friend.  We visited the shop, shared lunch and had a great afternoon visiting at her warm and inviting home.  

I arrived home to a blanket of snow, and the day after woke to more snow falling.....a beautiful site!  Especially because I could  stay tucked inside all day.

By the time the snow ceased, I measured 18 inches on top of our grill on the deck.  Perhaps it will be one of those winters where we receive most of our snow in the spring.

Pots of the quilt which I brought to my great niece.  This was one of my first designs to be published in Quilt Mania.

I used a portion of an old embroidered piece which I found at an antique store, for a label.

Vacationing in Arizona always means donuts brought home by my nephew.  I've had to return home and change my ways.  They were certainly scrumptious to enjoy daily!

"The things you hold dear, if they are true, will only become more true as you question them."  -Ben Behunin


  1. Such a unique label! I have several handkerchiefs my mother tatted and embroidered. I will see if they will work as labels for my granddaughters’ quilts!
    She would have liked this I think.

  2. Those look like "Daylight Doughnuts"? We have one of those stores in my hometown and they are awesome!

  3. Very cute quilt for your niece and I love that label idea! I have some damaged runners that I didn't want to part with. Now I know what to do with them. Thank you for the great idea!

  4. I love your Pots of Posies and the border fabric is perfect. Adore that label too. Welcome home!

  5. Hi Norma, can you tell me what quiltmania issue your pot of posies quilt was in? I is wonderful for Spring!