Friday, February 2, 2018

The week end is upon us.....

....and I am preparing for another retreat where I will be teaching.  There seems to be ongoing enjoyable activities in my near future.  On Monday morning I will be leaving for Bryce Canyon and Ruby's Inn.  For years now, there has been a winter quilt retreat held at this location.  Three hundred of us gather to warm friendships, take classes and inspire one another.  It is a marvelous event.  Several women come from out of state and we see them only once a year, and yet our friendships start up where we left off.

My new friend Lisa, one of the women who worked very hard to make this retreat so enjoyable, created this quilt, How Does Your Garden Grow.  Her work on this quilt, was quite spectacular.

This quilt was simple but striking.  I can not give credit to the maker, because there was not information hanging with the quilt.

The ladies in this area have sure been prolific!  So many well done quilts.

I've always thought that these chickens on the dash, a fun quilt.

I'd not seen this pattern before, but isn't it clever?  Perfect for an adventurous child.

This beauty had not been quilted yet.....but so worthy of being hung for us all to admire.

This sweet tulip block, I found to be just soft and feminine.

I feel a bit nostalgic for the friends made there and for the fun times we shared....especially now that it is 62 degrees in Cedar City, and while we were there we woke up to 22 degrees.  We bundled up and couldn't get to our hot drinks fast enough!!  The weather outside was frightful, but the friends inside were delightful! :-)

"let your mind be quiet, realizing the beauty of the world, and the immense, and boundless treasures that it holds." -Edward Carpenter

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  1. This is a lovely morning quilt parade here today! All are beautiful! Have another wonderful time. I went on my first retreat last fall and can't wait for another!