Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What Mother's want.....

I tried to download my mother's day photo's last night....but there was a glitch I need to get figured out.  Needless to say I had a marvelous day.  My daughters Katrina and Abbie prepared a lovely brunch with all the trimmings and fresh flowers included.  My blessings are many!

In our daily paper, there was a marvelous article written by Lorraine Brown, "What Mom's really want is help."  C. S. Lewis stated, "Motherhood is the profession for which all others exist."
If this is so, then nurturing children should be our highest civic priority.  Mother's Day should include the teachers, mentors, caregivers, grandparents and fathers who nurture children.  Nothing speaks more profoundly to a mother's heart as observing unsolicited kindness, to encouragement and mentoring of her child.  Each child is one caring adult away from a success story.  

I have a few more lovely quilts to share from our local quilt show.

Charming red work, of the Dick, Jane and Sally Era.

Isn't this so unique, and really sets a spooky stage!

Just so SWEET!


Starry, starry night.......

...and the star so bright.

Wonderful and Whimsical!

A design from Heart to Hand.....fabulous and folksy!

Raspberry filled chocolates......

Truffles to be specific.

Tomorrow, the road trip to Michigan begins.  Julie has volunteered to go as my traveling buddy on this adventure.  I will endeavor to bring home, many inspirational and interesting things to share with you.  I will be gone close to two weeks, so in the mean time enjoy life with a happy heart, and keep numbering your blessings as you go along.

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