Friday, August 31, 2018

Where to begin.....

…….it seems forever since I have posted and much has transpired.  Bruce and I took our time driving to California, and that was perfect!  We arrived at Julies cozy and lovely home and were happy to share an evening with them, before Bruce flew back to SLC the next day.  I first taught 2 classes at Grand Country Quilters in San Marcos.  It is always a privilege to teach at this lovely shop.

The next thing on the agenda was to teach in Huntington Beach for the quilt guild there.  Before teaching I did a trunk show with a bit of a talk.  I always expect to have a marvelous time and this time was no exception.  There were approximately 20 ladies in my class and the day flew by much too fast.  

Some of the ladies escaped the photo, but this is the majority.  All dear and sweet ladies.

I have a few photos from Grand Country.

The succulent planters outside of the shop were simply amazing!

While there, we always start the day with mimosa's, as it is an all day class.  The beautiful and delicious tarts were part of the day.  One special part of the classes there, were that 2 special friends from Cedar City, Utah, traveled to California and were a part of the class.  What a happy time that was for us, because some of the California ladies had traveled to Cedar City last January for their retreat.  They are busily planning the Cedar City retreat for January.  It is a very fun retreat and the list of California women that are coming for this years retreat is expanding!

There were plenty!

One of the classes I taught there as well as at Quilter's Station was this Peace and Plenty quilt.

Now that the classes are over, I feel free to advertise that I have kits available.

This is an unquilted photo of Remember the Giver, but this is the other class I taught at Grand Country.

Fly Away, was a class which I taught at Quilter's Station retreat, which was the next event..  When we left California, we met up with Karen, one of the owners of Grand Country, and we followed each other on to Utah.  We dropped my car, got a few clean cloths and headed out in Julie's car because it is larger and had more room for our shopping along the way.  In SLC, we met up with another car of California friends and we followed each other to Missouri.  The group of us couldn't have been more compatible and had the best of times, and stored away many cozy and heart warming shared moments!

I now feel free to advertise that I have kits available for this design.

This was the third class I taught at Quilter's Station.  This is a fabulous retreat and we all hated to see it end and part ways.  The store itself is outstanding.  One of the very best shops I have ever visited.  I also, have a couple of these kits left, and they are not on my web site.  If interested you will need to get in touch with me.

On our way to the retreat in Missouri, I received a call from Bruce that his dad had just died.  We really didn't mourn his passing, because he had just celebrated his 90th birthday with family.
He had an unfavorable diagnosis of recently discovered cancer and was still feeling fairly well, and was still enjoying his life's activities.  He died instantly after winning at blackout in Bingo.  We were happy that he would avoid pain and suffering. So, after finishing up with my teaching activities, we traveled home and honored him at his funeral.  Now, all of the guests have left and it is finally time to get back to my routine.

"Love doesn't make the world go round.  Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
-Franklin P Jones

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  1. So sorry for your loss. I hope the memories of such a full and rewarding life ease your sorrows.