Thursday, December 20, 2018

This long anticipated holiday time.......

…….will soon be upon us.  We received a beautiful tin of my sister's home made peanut brittle......YUM!  The sweetest part about it though is that my sister and her husband make many batches of this together.  They work as a team and deliver this delicious candy to neighbors far and wide.  Doing what they can do to offer cheer.  For me this is one of the things that makes Christmas so special.

The supply is diminishing, but there are still more little charm packs to be gifted, thanks to Diamond Textiles.  Be the first to send me your mailing address and you will be on the receiving end. 
Rina Spina from Texas was today's winner.

I finished another little pot holder completed today.  An angel with holy for wings.  I am so curious to see how this will develop

I have a few pictures from our antiquing sojourn in Missouri last summer.  This Dresden Plate quilt brings to mind, of a quilt I made for my sister the first year I was married......1973.  It was a popular pattern at that time.  Those were my early quilting days.  This one needs more quilting, but it is a cheerful quilt, and no doubt served it's purpose to keep someone warm.

And here is another Dresden Plate.  However, this one is more adequately quilted.

This attractive stitchery definitely caught my eye.  And the price was very reasonable.

I'm trying to decide what era this quilt could be from.  It is nicely hand quilted.  The applique edges is done with a button hole stitch.

The beloved Nine Patch...…..beloved by me anyway.

Young girls of my era, embroidered pillowcases for their hope chests.  A different time for sure.  If you were lucky, they were finished with a croqueted edging like these. Just recently while cleaning out a linen closet, I managed to save a couple of pair of my favorites.  After Bruce's Dad passed and we cleaned out and sorted through his home, I got serious about cleaning out storage areas and getting rid of things.  This cleaning however, did not include my sewing areas.  I thought this needed to be clarified!

"A snowflake is one of Gods most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together." -unknown


  1. Would love to win.

    Shelia Burns
    705 Circle Dr.
    Marlinton, WV 24954

  2. So glad to hear you didn't clean out your sewing space. There's not junk there, only good stuff! Lol!

  3. Would like to win the fabric. Hope I am the first.

  4. I love the Diamond Textiles. I missed the give-away, but do you know where might I purchase some of these pre-cuts?