Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Another full day of rain......

….this is good for many reasons, but the main one right now, is that I do not feel compelled to work outside!

"Gratitude enables our hearts to tell a better story." -Sarah Sandifer

I want to extend a shout out to all of my French friends.  My heart was saddened by your great loss of the beautiful iconic Notre Dam cathedral.  I visited there the year Princess Diana was killed in France.  We happened to be there at that time.  I felt very small and insignificant when I stepped inside its doors.  However, I also felt triumphant that it had endured the test of time.  Chad and Abbie are especially saddened too, because when Bruce and I return home, they will go to Paris for a week.  That was one of the places which they were looking forward to visiting.

More beauty and inspiration from our quilt group.  Kerry was thrilled to have the Roseville Album quilt completed.  What an incredible quilt.  Julie from our group has also made this quilt.

Here Marilyn is helping Julie show one of the antique quilts she found in a relatives house.  It was under the springs on a bed.  Of course this caused a discussion of what it was doing there.

This was another quilt that was found with the other one.  I love the hand quilting pattern on this one.

I brought my pot holder quilt to show them.  I'd like to have a more interesting clever idea that just the potholder quilt.  Anyone have any ideas?

The completed back.

And I shared this star quilt which I made to look like and old antique quilt I found in one of Barbara Brackman's books.  Does anyone have an idea for this one.

When I had this quilt completed, I found a little whole on this star.  It called for a sweet little patch.

Here is the Summer Time banner completed.  The pattern is finished and the kits have been cut.  However, it will not be available on my web site until I return from the trip we are taking.  We will be leaving on Thursday.

Marilyn had just completed this quilt on a machine of her that embroideries.  Isn't it amazing?

One of the designs close up.

Liz, was happy to have this quilt completed.  It had been a UFO for too long.

And her Fig Tree quilt is completed and ready for Fall.

Liz, is also working on one of Kerry Greens quilts, and she share this darling little block with us.

Marilyn, has a friend who makes these French inspired books, and she shared this one with us.  It is so well done and charming!

We finished off our evening with Easter eggs stuffed with candy from Marilyn.  This is an amazing group of women, which I feel grateful to be included in.

"Don't try to overhaul your life overnight.  Instead focus on making one small change at a time.  Over time, those small changed will add up to big transformations." -unknown

I will look forward to getting back with you upon my return!:-)


  1. The log cabin and potholder blocks along with the Winter theme make me think about an old log cabin hearth, so maybe "Winter Hearth"?😉

  2. I'm thinking "Home for the Holidays" for the potholder quilt....and "Shine On" or "Light of my Life" for the star quilt?