Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rain Can't Get Us Down!!!

Remember the picnic I was talking about, well...... thunderstorms and rain rolled in! So we improvised. My dear husband of 40 years held the umbrella while my son in law Chad cooked steak on the grill. And by the way, it was his idea to cook for us. Wasn't that nice? He and my daughter Abbie along with three Chihuahuas are living with me until they move to Ohio, where Chad will be going to law school. Oh, I shouldn't forget there are two cats also! We are one happy family enjoying each others company. This might be a good time to add, at times things get rather hairy!

I'm just in the process of completing a woodsy feeling tree skirt. It will be available in early July. It will give you plenty of time to complete it for Christmas.
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