Friday, May 3, 2013

Stars and Stripes Forever

Said Washington to Betsy Ross, "A flag our nation needs to lead our valiant soldiers onto high and noble deeds. Now can you make one for us?" 
To which she made reply, "I am not certain if I can; at least I'll gladly try."

The verse on the cover comes from a popular school song.
The chorus:
So she took some red for the blood they shed
Some white for purity,
Some stars so bright from the sky overhead
Some blue for loyalty.
And sewed them all together, for loyal hearts and true,
And hand in hand as one we stand
For the red, the white and the blue.
Said Betsy Ross to Washington, “Your country’s flag behold!” and through his tear-dimmed eyes he saw the stars and stripes unfold. Then to his breast he clasped it, and looked to heaven above. “Oh may it ever stand,” he cried, “for rights and truth and love.”

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  1. Patriotic quilts always give me goose bumps and touch my heart. Your boundless energy and talent amazes me and makes me thankful for the blessing of friendship. May Timeless Traditions be a resounding success!