Friday, June 21, 2013

My Grand-dogs and Cats

Here are the 3 grand dogs living with me while my daughter and her husband live here until they move to Ohio.....  The little black one on the back left is named Tucker and he is a rescue dog,  The little brown guy is named Moose because of his extremely large ears.  He was rescued from a pet store for a huge discount because he was sick!  His first stop was at the vets.....where Abbie was told that she probably couldn't rescue every little Chibcha that needed fixing!

Yikes!  What is this all about Jalapeno???  Just before I snapped the picture he rolled over....he loves to have his belly rubbed!  They are napping on the first quilt I made and hand quilted many moons ago......probably about 25 years.  I'm trying to protect my furniture from hair and such!

We found Harry in the dryer taking advantage of the warm laundry...we just stopped for a minute and he was quick!

And, here is Moses sleeping on a quilt, actually a stack of them.  He loves being up off the floor in this cozy little cubicle!  Moses is a ferrule cat who Abbie tamed over a years time with food and tender loving care.  Last winter when he was still a fraidy cat, one morning when Abbie went out to open the door on her chicken coop she discovered that Moses had starting sleeping with the chickens.  After a while he started feeling brave enough to be petted....and by this picture you know the rest of the story! Since I do not have grand children yet I find myself loving on the fellows...they are all boys so Abbie is really out numbered in her household.

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