Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chad and I had an idea!

I had this idea about setting a post in concrete in a pot to create a movable bird feeder deal...hope you're following.....well, my sweet son in law Chad gravitated toward the idea and we were on our way to formulating the plan!  We also set pvc white plastic pipe in the concrete  as these would act as a drainage source.  We placed approximately 8 inches of concrete to stabilize the post and the plastic drainage pipe, and then we filled the remaining area with soil.Then we selected some hangers to attach at the top. I planted some sweet smelling honey suckle in my pot and have been training it to run up the post.  A cute bird house was attached to the side in hopes I might entice a bird to make it home!

The purpose behind all of this, was to make a bird feeding center that could be moved next to my deck so that I can fill my big time winter seed holder dealies from the comfort of my deck!  You will notice that some sun flower seeds spilled by the birds took seed and came up this spring.  Just a little added attraction!

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  1. Very nice idea and so cute! The delight of watching bids is a true joy.