Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Travels Across the Country


We have covered a lot of territory on our travels East.  Yesterday we crossed Wyoming where we passed under this arch while driving on I-80.  I've spent time with my husband in this museum about the westward expansion and we found it very interesting.  Because we are intent on getting to our destination, we are not investigating any of the interesting sites we're seeing.  We passed by a sod house, an original pony express station, and numerous antique malls while passing through Nebraska........Speed is not the way I like to take road trips, but so it is.  We were able to stop in Des Moines, Iowa and visit momentarily with my sister and her husband.  That was a treat!!  When passing through Iowa we missed the Living History farm, the Wonderful Historic Amana Colonies, The Amish at Kalona, Herbert Hoover's Library and miles and miles of beautiful rolling hills, red barns and farms nestled here and there....LOVED IT ALL.  Today we passed through Illinois and Indiana and arrived In Ohio as the sun was setting.  I'll share pictures of the cute house my daughter and her husband will call home.  I'll try and tune in tomorrow and round off this cross country marathon!  

Sorry, my picture disappeared and I am too tired to look for it now. I will post it tomorrow!

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