Thursday, July 18, 2013

Abbie's grocery store in Stow, Ohio

This is the outside of a grocery store in Stow,which my daughter now call home.  This store is simply amazing....not only is it unique on the outside.....I need to try and describe the inside!  The Amish bring their fresh produce to this store called Krieger's.  And, let me tell you about the bakery....I think I was actually salivating......and the cheeses!  Home bottled items brought in by the Amish, and awesome candles......and the bulk food!!!  There was a 30 foot long counter of fresh amazing selection of maple syrups from Ohio, and different varieties of melons I had never heard of before. The melons were grown in Maryland.  I realize I am rambling, but I just can't seem to adequately describe how wonderful it all was.

This cute red tractor was parked outside in the parking lot. I wanted Abbie to sit on the seat, but she reminded me she wasn't a kid anymore!

This Amish buggy was parked by the garden center which was also included with the store!  I believe we will  return tomorrow to investigate the plants.....Abbie and Chads new home has a front porch and she'd like to hang a couple of ferns there.

By days end we are all exhausted, so I will continue once again tomorrow....all I can say is...this is a beautiful green country.


  1. Glad you reached your destination safely. I'd love to poke around inside that store-how special.

  2. was a great store to poke around in.