Saturday, September 21, 2013

A visit to J J Stitches

Once again a narration by Bonnie Miles.  "You may think that after 4 days of traveling and shopping, we would be too tired to appreciate one more shop.  Not so!  J J Stitches, in Sun Prairie proved to be one of our favorites.  We knew, the minute we walked in, that we wouldn't leave empty handed.  This small shop was full of exquisite workmanship, along side dozens of vintage sewing machines, and other items from days gone by.  We saw enamel baking pans filled with carefully folded fat quarters and an old tinware muffin tin with its muffin "hole" overflowing with bobbins wrapped with wool applique threads. 


Even the space below the racks of fabrics held suitcases from an earlier era, adding to the charm of the place. It simply felt warm and cozy.  One thing I noticed and appreciated, was the display of fabrics.  Rather than having the fabrics tightly around the bolt, each fabric was placed back on the shelf with a flag of fabric showing.  This helped to actually see the pattern without having to pull the bolt off the shelf.  We also commented on the convenience of having the option of either a full kit, or a pattern only, next to each beautiful sample displayed.

Many of these kits emptied by our group as we swept through the shop.  Was this trip both fun and a learning experience?.....(.and my version of a good time)  I think we all agreed that it was.  The final look as we left was indicative of how we felt about Wisconsin......welcome and at home.  The best feeling of all."

Once again a big thank-you to Bonnie for sharing this quilting adventure with us.  The next entry on Monday will feature their visit  learning all about cranberries.  I love to learn about new things.

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  1. I received my pattern 'Winter Berries' in the mail yesterday! THANK YOU SEW MUCH!! I love the way the pattern is so big...and also love the close up shots of various parts of the runner! Also I LOVE the lay-out sheet!! I can tell you are a true quilter...and don't like 'surprises'!! You know what I's the pattern, now figure it out on your own!! A nice straight forward pattern...I LOVE it!! YEAH!
    Thanks again and keep these wonderful patterns coming!! You keep us in stitches!