Friday, September 20, 2013

On the road with the quilters

Script by Bonnie....My friend, Nellie, would call Primitive Gatherings a "Five Wow" quilt shop!  After hearing all the ooh's and aah's this morning, I would agree.  We showed up at the fabric shop early, armed with the lists of fabrics we wanted, patterns to search for, and 3 dozen donuts from nearby Manderfield's Family Bakery.  Lisa Bongean, the store owner and her cheerful staff were ready to assist us, and had milk and juice to go with the pastries.  We appreciated Lisa giving us a short primer on her method of wool applique.  Then we flooded the store with eager shoppers.  Oh my!  Where to start?  There were not only stacks and stacks of woolens, but everything else we'd need....including one section of delicious looking Japanese fabrics.  I let out a little shout when I saw the sample and pattern for your Respect Labor seen over the head of Pauline as she carefully sorts her stack on the way to the cash register.
After all of our purchases were bagged and accounted for, Lisa took us to her warehouse operation, where she showed us how all the patterns are assembled, kits are cut and packaged and most interesting how they dye their wool.  What a busy place. We came away not only impressed with her artistic abilities but grateful for her gracious, hospitality, and generous gifts to our group.
Here are 3 of Lisa's latest designs......Do we want to come back?  Yes, indeed!  Once again, thanks to Bonnie for taking us on the trip with them.  We are all just disappointed that we were not there to touch and feel everything.  This quote goes out to Bonnie, because this sums her generosity in sharing with us.  "Of all earthly music that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart".   Henry Ward Beecher


  1. I agree... a definite five wow shop! I am lucky enough to live close to both of the shops you mentioned, and they are both wonderful :o)

    1. Colleen......Lucky you. I'm thinking of doing a tour of shops in Utah to share with all of my readers who live outside the state.

  2. oh how I would LOVE to visit Lisa Bongean's shop some day! I met her at MODA's open house in August. I'm so smitten with her latest lines of fabric and wish we "did" flannel here in southern OK because they are SO beautiful. I'm doing Lisa's 2 BOWs this summer and their kits are PerFectly done! Such a joy to get the mail!