Monday, October 21, 2013

A new week......

with new possibilities.  On Thursday we fly to Houston for Quilt Market and I'm thinking about old acquaintances I hope to see and new friends I hope to meet.  I'm looking forward to meeting a lady who has a quilt shop in France, who wrote and asked for my booth number.  Also, I'm looking forward to putting a face to some of the people I've spoken with, either over the phone or through e mail.  The above little wall hanging is something I started some time ago, and finally got it completed.  It has a lot of hand quilting on it.  My friend Leslie quilted on it at it's beginning while taking an unexpected road trip to California.  I'm taking it with me to give to Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  I have called it the Gathering Tree.

The following came to me as an e mail last week and I'm still thinking about it so it is probably worth sharing......"Watch the sunrise at least once a year, put a lot of marshmallows in your hot chocolate, lie on your back and look at the stars, never buy a coffee table you can't put your feet on, never pass up a chance to jump on a trampoline, don't overlook life's small joys while searching for the big ones".   -H Jackson Brown Jr.
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  1. Anne carol is a lucky woman and sure you will appreciate her ;)
    Have a nice day Norma

    1. I am looking forward to meeting Anne Carol......too bad you will not be with her. :-(

  2. A new lovely patterns...i'm happy to Knowl that our friend Anne Carol see you to the market...i'm sure thêta she see ma y lovelys things in your stand , for us in France.....
    Hâve à good market...
    Nadine from north of France