Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time for a book report

I usually have a thoughtful type book as well an a novel going at the same time.  Now I'm not making a statement that a novel can not make one think.  I have learned some amazing things from reading novels........This is a book presenting the personal philosophies of thoughtful men and women in all walks of life.  the people who write what they believe, have nothing more in common than integrity....a real honesty, and tell about the rules they live by, the things they have found to be the basic values in their lives.
I have highlighted  a few things in the book.  One is "The Journey is all." ......and "I believe in the pursuit of happiness.  Not its attainment, nor its final definition, but its pursuit."  And then how can I not mention Helen Keller, who tells of her faith that the human being is better than his/her behavior. 
Some of the beliefs I couldn't exactly identify with, however it gave me the opportunity of hearing the belief of others without rebuttal or criticism, and consider more seriously what I believe and why.

The first entry is by Sarah Adams who held many jobs in her life, including telemarketer, factory worker, hotel clerk, and flower shop cashier.  She was raised in Wisconsin, and is not an English professor.  Her entry is entitled  "Be Cool to the Pizza Dude."  It was one of my favorite!

I hope I haven't bored you with this but I would highly recommend this as a Good Read.  I will close with the words of Anne Frank, "In spite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart."
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  1. It sounds interesting and inspiring and thought provoking. I'll put it on my list. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for responding.....I assume reading is as enjoyable for you as it is for me.