Monday, October 14, 2013

A week-end to celebrate!

This is a little wall hanging which I designed and made a couple of years ago, which was returned to me.  Now that it has come home after it's journeys here and there, it has found a spot on my wall.  You all know how I feel about I'm pondering if I should re brand this pattern and make it a Timeless Traditions pattern.  I will think on it for a bit.

Now for the celebration.......the University of Utah beat number 4 ranked Stanford on Saturday, and I was at the game with my husband.  This was an upset, as Stanford was picked to beat by 9 points.  Let me tell you why I find football games so enjoyable.  Of course, I like the home team to win, but it is much more than that.  First of all we arrive early, because parking is always a problem.  Because we arrive early, this gives me more time to patrol all of the food vendors and decide what to eat first.  I started with a barbecue pork sandwich, savoring every bite.  After eating savory I needed something sweet so I ate the raisin oatmeal cookie which I had snuck in.  I was satisfied for the moment and was ready to get into the game.  We sit in the middle of a rowdy boisterous crowd who has a self appointed cheerleader who leads us all in cheers....great fun.  At half time with a 2 score lead, I had worked up an appetite and fought the crowds to get in line for the famous cowboy corn dog on a stick. All I can say about that is yummmm and it is worth standing in line for.  It was getting a bit chilly as the sun had gone down so the hot chocolate certainly looked tempting, and it would be so comforting to wrap my hands around a steaming cup of it, so I picked up a I'm back to my seat for the second half..........there wasn't much time to enjoy the eats, because our cheerleader had us back into action.  It was a nail biter down to the very end, and it sure was fun!

I'll end this play by play account with a couple of lines from a book I enjoyed called 'Ava's Man'.  It is a story which the author Rick Bragg writes about his grandfather. A very good read "Some people act old as if they are practicing for their last years".   And "There are no lulls in the adventure of living".  Live life fully today!
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