Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Again......

First of all, let me say that I have missed chatting with you on nearly a daily basis.  My connection with all of you is indeed special.
I apologize for not blogging while I was at market. We were grateful to arrive in Houston safely, but we had a very long delay in Denver, which made us arrive late in Houston. Then we spent nearly 3 hours on the freeway getting to our hotel because of a major accident which slowed down traffic on the freeway.  So when we finally got to our hotel we were ready to crash!  We did enjoy a lovely dinner out together, but I knew while at dinner that I was getting a sore throat.....and by the next morning it was a bit worse.  We got our booth set up and then headed out for an afternoon of shopping.  I only became more ill and by the next morning when market started, I was ready to take a pillow and a quilt from my display and curl up under my table and sleep.  But you wear a smile and just go on, besides I was happy to meet and greet women from all over the world.  I was once again reminded that quilters are a lovely group to be associated with.

I shipped 7 boxes by UPS.  This was my first experience not to drive to market and it was a wonderful experience.  My boxes were waiting for me and were picked back up by UPS from my booth and I've received the tracking number that all 5 boxes are on their way back home.  Did you notice that I shipped 2 less boxes home?  That tells the story.  My patterns are finding their way around the globe as I write.  I'm happy to be home safely and my 2 helpers Kerry Green and Julie Wardell made the whole experience a memory to be cherished.  I hope to share a few of the booths with you in the next few days.
"Home the spot of earth supremely blest, a dearer sweeter spot that all the rest."   -Robert Montgomery
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  1. Sorry to hear you became ill at market, you are a trooper! Love your new quilts and your booth looks warm and cozy! Sounds like it was a successful market, look forward to seeing your new patterns soon.

    1. Thank you Carrie....Do you have a blog I might be checking out?

  2. Hi Norma,
    So happy you are back home with so many great memories, I'm sure ;)
    Your booth looked so fantastic.
    Hearing you soon ...
    a plenty of hugs

  3. Yes I'm home and it's just where I want to be. I loved visiting with the French ladies....always look forward to time with the Quilt Mania people.