Friday, November 22, 2013

A Masterpeice in progress...

Wow!'s Friday already.  The speed at which time flies by mesmerizes me.
We have some amazingly talented people in our quilt group.  One of them is Debra Hale.  She has been working on this quilt for a while now, and we have all watched its progression.  Debra has taken the original pattern and definitely made it her own.  She loves embellishments and is a master at it, and has made this quilt spectacular.  Everyone in the group ooohs and ahhhs every month when she shares with us what she has been working on.  This group of quilters ranks right up there on my thankful list.

I had an unexpected visit from my brother Lauren, and his wife Liz from Minnesota.  As if that wasn't special enough they had with them a dear friend, Susan whom they picked up when passing through Wyoming.  They are en route to California to be with family for Thanksgiving.  Hated to say good bye to them this morning, but they will stop back on their way home.  This is the brother next to me in age and we grew up together, milking cows, assisting baby pigs being born, and the list goes on and on.  Sweet, sweet memories!
"He enjoys much who is thankful for little;  a grateful mind is both a great and happy mind".     -William Becker
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  1. That quilt is absolutely stunning! It is so nice to spend time with brothers; I have 4 younger ones I don't see often. When I true it is so nice.

    1. I am the baby of our family, and this brother is just next to me. We grew up together and share many things. Linda, we keep meeting like this.....perhaps one day we'll meet for real!

    2. It would be lovely someday!

  2. Love this quilt Norma ... it's also on my "to do list" ;)
    Have a nice moment with family

  3. Wow, you are a busy lady. I to love this quilt. Thanks for your warm wishes. Hugs back to you.