Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Farmhouse Threads

Good Morning!  I woke up to snow this morning....enough to cover the roofs and the lawn.  However, now there are blue skies and sunshine so the winter wonderland is not here to stay.......but, you should see our mountains.  They are starting to accumulate an abundance of the white fluffy stuff that will make all the skiers and snow boarders very happy.

I bought this pattern from Farmhouse Threads and can hardly wait to get started on it.  I'm giving myself permission to work on some things for gift giving since that time is fast approaching.  I've also done some web shopping and will share my patterns with you when they arrive.  I'm now working on a wall hanging that I want to place over the bed in our bedroom.  It is designed by Kerry Stitch designs.  It is my take on her pattern which I fell in love with.  I started this some time ago and now I'm taking time to relax a bit and finish up some things.  I still have many ideas filed away for safe keeping......but not just yet.
I read this quote on Pinterest, author unknown..."Dust - it's what gives a home a warm and fuzzy feeling."  :-)  I looked around this morning and decided that maybe everything is just a bit too warm and fuzzy!  Have a good one.
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  1. Everyone needs time to stitch; it is sanity. In your case you are allowed time away from your design business to stitch for yourself. It keeps your creativity fresh. Have a great day!

  2. Thank-you.....hope you're having great days too!