Monday, November 4, 2013

All Through the Night

First of all, good Morning and I hope you've all had a happy week end and that you're all rested with that extra hour of sleep. For me, I napped off and on, mostly on all week end.....under a quilt of course! :-)  I think I'm finally caught up and ready to get something accomplished.

Bonnie Sullivan from All Through the Night does such beautiful work.  She has her own special look and it is wonderful. She has created a series of little quilts featuring the bird she calls Bertie.  They are designed to represent every month of the year.

I did do something this week end besides napping.....I also finished a book I was reading by Sandra Dallas called, Tallgrass.  It is centered around a little rural community in Colorado during the second world war.  An Internment camp is located their and the story line is centered around the feelings associated with that.  There is a quilting group in the area who play a significant part in the well being of the community.  I will share the following from the book.  "Nothing brings women together like sewing.  You don't even have to speak the same language."  I've discovered this to be so true.  Many women at the International Quilt Market were from many different countries represented by various languages, and we were finding ways to interact and communicate with each other because of our common interest and love of quilting and needle arts.

Hope you have a special day!
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