Monday, December 23, 2013

When summer comes again...

you will want a Patriotic Cat for your porch or for some nook and cranny.  Today's gift  is the pattern to make this cat and a kit to help you complete it.  The kit includes the flag, the wool for the star and the fabric.  This kit once again will go to the first person to email me back at, .  We are having some good times.....long and full days, we're not wasting time on sleep.  We pack in the days, and we have more adventure on schedule for today.  Our son Ben will be here and minute to whisk us away on today's scheduled activity.  The first on the list, we are visiting his shop and a fantastic tool shop!!!!!!! :-) I wouldn't miss it for anything.....I don't understand why he doesn't have a quilt shop figured out.  I here his truck arriving so this will once again be short.....Have a most wonderful day.......I'll be back tomorrow.

To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful day with your son, and that perhaps there was time for a stop qt a quilt shop!

  2. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I received the Patriotic Cat kit that you sent. Thank you again! I will enjoy putting this together,