Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Quilt Show

Good Morning!  The sky is looking kind of heavy.....Maybe we will get some snow.......we are hoping for moisture in our corner of the world.
Remember when I said I would share with you some of the quilts from when our little quilt group they are.  The one above is an Amish quilt Leslie made for her daughter.  I really do love this quilt.

Barbara Peterson joined us and shared some amazing quilts she has recently made.  Barbara is in the elite status of quilt making.  Everything she does is hand quilted, and she is such an artist the design she picks to compliment the quilt are simply wonderful.  Many of her quilts are hand pieced as well.  I use to work with Barbara at a quilt store called Gentler Times many moons ago.
Here is another made from two different blocks.......after looking at it for a while, many different looks manifest themselves.  This one is not complete yet, I'll be anxious to see the quilting.

This little basket quilt Barbara made is simply a masterpiece........hand quilted of course.  The black and white striped handles really set this quilt off, and then followed through with the little striped inner border......and then paired with that great polka dot.  Love this piece of art.....and hand quilted of course.  After returning home that night I had a difficult time getting to sleep, as those beautiful quilts were buzzing around in mind.

Leslie has been busy sewing up all of her strips into quilts........and the result is a great looking artsy quilt.  I'm thinking I need to give this a try in some shape or form.  Leslie is another who hand quilts nearly everything she makes........I wish I had time to do likewise, as I love to hand quilt.

"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been."   -Mark Twain


  1. I love that Amish quilt too! The simplicity of it as well as the color choices are wonderful! I would love to learn to hand quilt. Unfortunately there aren't any classes around here that offer it and I've tried to learn on my own, without much success. I think hand quilting is such an amazing skill…..maybe someday I'll run across someone that will offer a class - keeping my fingers crossed!!

  2. I wish you lived here and both Barbara and Leslie would be great teachers. My stitches aren't exactly even and real tiny, but they work for me. It just takes practice. Perfection is some how over rated!