Tuesday, January 28, 2014


"Who being loved, is poor"?    - Oscar Wilde
I decided to take a photo of the heart on my porch to share with you.  It's a large wooden heart made from two boards.  It is meant to be hung, but every time the door opened it moved around and scratched the paint on the door......so now this is where it resides.
Today is another busy day.....in fact I need to hurry before the carpet shampoo person arrives.  I almost finished making my kits yesterday, but am now waiting for a shipment of wool to finish the job. 
I have an exciting new project that I'm just biting at the bit to start.  There is a quilt shop in Pella Iowa called , "The Quilted Windmill".  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pella, Iowa.......it is a place you must visit.  Put it on your 'To Visit' list.  Every year they have a tulip festival, and with all of the tulips blooming it is quite a spectacular thing.  There is always a fantastic craft fair in the park, which takes me at least one day to shop myself through.......then lets talk Dutch pastries at the bakeries......and the old time Dutch village to visit.......and the windmill brought over from Holland and set up.....and the parade with everyone in Dutch costume.  I loved every little bit of it.  Now back to the original topic which was the quilt store.  They have asked me to design a smallish wall hanging type quilt for their store.  I have it designed in my mind, and have bits of it on paper, but it will evolve as quilts do.  I happen to be all Dutch, so I've always wanted to make something with a windmill on it to celebrate my nationality........so here is my opportunity.  I marvel at how door open with exciting new prospects!
"Love must be as much a light as it is a flame".     -Henry David Thoreau

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