Friday, January 10, 2014

If these quilts could talk

Good Morning!  My friend Gail Berry has a beautiful home and some exceptional art work in her home.  Here is a section from an antique quilt which is very fragile so it has been framed under glass to protect it.  I am drawn to this one and the one below every time I visit in her home.   I love looking at the old fabrics, and then wondering where they came from.....were they scraps from someone's clothing......had they been shared from another's scraps in trade for different pieces?  I think of gathering fragments so that nothing would be lost.......and all put to good use to make something beautiful for their homes.  Antique quilts have such a story to tell.....and I like how they connect me with women, also quilters of day's gone by who are drawn to fabric....needle....and if only they had signed their name to cloth they would have a name.  Perhaps these women did, but only parts of the quilts remain, so we are only left to imagine.

I took the above photo at an angle to alleviate the glare from the glass, so it is not close enough to see the unique pattern.  I do not believe I have ever seen it before.....the workmanship is absolutely remarkable.

I love the dramatic way in which Gail has chosen to frame this little wool piece.  It really makes a statement.  I hope you've enjoyed these lovely pieces I've shared with you.
Now to finish the last 9 things fond in mentally strong people.....
10. They are willing to fail, and don't give up. They see it as an opportunity to improve.
11. They enjoy their time alone and don't fear being alone.
12. They are prepared to work and succeed on their own merits.
13. They have staying power and don't expect immediate results.
14. They evaluate their core beliefs and modify as needed.
15. They expend their mental energy wisely and avoid unproductive thoughts.
16. They think productively...replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
17. They accept discomfort, they accept their feelings without being controlled by them.
18. They reflect on their consider what they've achieved and where they are going.
Enjoy your weekend, and keep a happy heart. :-)


  1. The colors in the log cabin blocks are just so pretty. It does make one wonder about these ladies that were so creative in making such treasures - you can surely feel the love that they put into their sewing.