Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Liz completed this beautiful heart, a Needle Love design, in time for the big day!  I've admired this and have a marker in the book....that is an indicator that it is something I must should just see all of the markers in books.  I need to live 2 or 3 life times to make all of the marked projects.  Actually I love going through old books and looking at all of things I'd like to find time to make.

Here is baby Ann's quilt.  Brittany, her very sweet and talented mother is pictured below.... made this for her new wee one.  The baby was named after her grandmother, Ann.
Whoops!  :-)  I'm having one of those malfunction days....I must have pushed a wrong button and don't know how to fix it.

Baby Ann's Grandmother croqueted this snuggly for her namesake.....we all loved it.

Beth is the proud owner of this antique fan quilt top made by a family member.  Beth is a hand quilter and will be quilting it.  Now, we can hardly wait until it is completed.......there is nothing like a hand quilted quilt.  I wish I had time to quilt all of mine once again.  This is what happens when your passion becomes a business.

Debra, made some bowls of hearts from my patterns, and has her a couple of bowls of them.  Beautiful bowls too!

My, oh my.....I guess my mind is in the clouds with love....You will have to crook your neck a bit to look at this Welcome picture.  It is one of my designs which I taught at the recent retreat.  I sold out of the kits which I made for it and will be making more kits for the orders I took.......If there is anyone out there who would like one, let me know in the next few days, as I'm going to start making them over the week-end.  And while I have everything out and about in my sewing room, I could just as well make a few more.  The Kits sell for 25.00 and the pattern for 9.00.
Have a memorable day with those you love.
"The love in your heart wasn't meant there to stay.  Love isn't love unless you give it away".  -William Congreve


  1. Nice show & tell - I especially love the bowls of little hearts!

  2. We are always inspired after this night when we get together at Elaine's quilt block.