Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jane Sickle Quilts

....otherwise known as the Dear Jane Quilt.  And she was quite a dear to accomplish such a feat, while living in a boarding house with the Civil War raging in the distance.  Detail has not been given, however, she was living there alone....one might assume that her husband was fighting in distant places.  This is Bonnie Quigley's Version of the quilt.....and as you can see it is simply beautiful.

Here is a side view.....I look forward to seeing Bonnie every year at this retreat.  I would enjoy her company more, but she lives in Connecticut.

Here is her label in the corner.....quite an accomplishment!

Here is Trudy Johnson's quilt....they were enjoying sleeping under them while at the retreat......and they were much needed as we had some cold days.  Nothing is quite as wonderful as sleeping beneath a quilt.

Trudy chose to sash hers with a dark brown fabric.  It is the first Dear Jane quilt that I have seen sashed with dark fabric.....and it is also amazing.

Trudy lives in St Louis Missouri, so she is a friend I do not get to see often, and that is unfortunate.  Both she and Bonnie come early to the retreat, so we spent a day sewing together......and that was good......very good!  There are ever so many ladies, that this is the only time during a year that I get to be with them......and that is another reason why this retreat is such a special time of my year.
I have a few more heart quotes since Valentine's day is fast approaching.
"Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts".     -unknown


  1. I quite like the dark sashing on this quilt -

  2. Yes, I do to...its fun seeing different takes on the same quilt.

  3. I'm so glad you posted these, Norma. I saw then only briefly at Ruby's ... they're wonderful ... and yes, it would be great if Bonnie and Trudy were nearby and we could visit with them more than once a year! XO Gail