Friday, February 21, 2014

Quilting night at my house...

It was one of those evenings, where very little quilting was accomplished.  We shared dinner with one another, and couldn't seem to leave the table.  We always have so much to share and just a lot of catching up to do.  Barbara Peterson made the above absolutely adorable autograph quilt.....Trudy is signing her name to one of the blocks....."Wishing not to be forgotten a woman signs her name to cloth".......I love the sweet sentiment of autograph quilts. 

Barbara brought 2 of her Amish quilts, as we are planning a trip to Lancaster and Gettysburg in June.  We will first start out in Philadelphia.  Barbara was setting the mood for our planning.
These beautiful pieces of art are made extra special with the hand quilting........all of those tiny perfect stitches.  You probably can not see it, but she used a light thread to quilt on the black......if it were me I'd be looking for a way as to not encourage people to look that closely.

And last, but certainly not least is this darling wee pincushion Leslie just made.  She picked up the pattern for it from the Village Dry Goods booth at the retreat.  After making the top, it is glued into an old canning lid. After seeing how cute this little pin keep is, we were already to start one for ourselves.
"Be filled with wonder, be touched by peace".     -Picasa web. Google .com
Enjoy the week end!


  1. I am so enjoying your blog. I recently signed up and your show and tell is amazing. Keep up the good work!

  2. I just love her autograph quilt it is very sweet....

  3. Looks as though you had a fun time together. Love the autograph quilt! Thanks for sharing.