Thursday, February 20, 2014

Show and Tell Continues.....

More from our trunk show........Leslie and I each made our own adaption of these Jan Patek Girl Gang quilts.  Here is Leslie's.....we found many ways to make them our own.

Take a peek at the bottom of Leslie's quilt.  She has appliqued the seventeen children who survived from those her grandmother gave birth to.  There were some who did not survive.  I know one child died when the family home caught fire, while her grandmother was in town giving birth to a new baby.  So not only did she loose a child, and her home, she also had a new baby to care for.  This is one of the reason I have such admiration for our pioneer ancestors.

Here is a wonderful early folk art design of Jan Pateks.  Both Leslie and I made this one......mine is hanging in my sewing room and is one of my favorite quilts which Jan designed.

Leslie has been having fun making strip quilts......her children and grand children love them, as do I.  She uses every kind of fabric style....she's just working her way through her fabric.  You might find a bright contemporary piece next to a civil war reproduction piece.  There is no rhyme nor reason to this.  In the one pictured above, which has not been quilted yet, she chose to put in the row of back and cream strips.....and isn't it interesting?

As you can see some our tiny...some our long....they are all different widths....and a few have a mind of their own and march to the beat of a different drum.  She even has put in a few old feed sacks...this will really puzzle quilt historians if they are one day are examined!  Talk about freedom to do your own thing.....this  would certainly be an expression of.....don't fence me in!

The last quilt today is the quilt I designed called the Story Teller, which will be redone under my new logo soon.  This is one of my favorite quilts.....have just a BUNCH of favorites, don't ya know!  Had to use some of the Minnesota talk from my roots... :-)
I really have a full day out ahead of I best get started with it.  I'm hosting our little quilt group tonight so I best get some eats figured out and make a trip to the grocery store.
"Kindness comes from a place in the heart".  -Flavia

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  1. Love Leslie's story about her husbands grandma.....walked across country with a wagon train and she walked while the men rode....she said enough in Cripple Creek CO and at 13 left her family and got a job....later she left CO and met up with her family in Oregion.....what ha life.....