Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blue skies and sunshine...

After a day of rain and more rain....... now here comes the sun!  :-)  When we have snow here in the valley, that means snow in the mountains, and the makes for happy skiers.  Spring skiing is the best, because it isn't so cold.
Thought I'd report in that the Dove couple are still busy.....I'm dying to climb a ladder so that I might have a birds eye view of the progress......I've woken up witty, eh?
These are some new fabric cards from Diamond Textiles which will be arriving to them, just any day now.

I'm in love with so many of them.  In fact I have a bolt of one of them ordered so that I might start kitting my new pattern, 'How Does Your Garden Grow?'

I have some exciting news to report....I now have digital PDF versions of many of my patterns available to purchase.  If you see something that is not offered, let me know and I will make it an option.  Please remember to refresh your browser view every time you visit, as we are adding new items to this site constantly.  I believe this will be especially helpful for all of my customers out of country, because they will be able to avoid the expense of postage.

A Quilter's Wisdom is made up of important portions from the novel that was published in 1907.  Eliza Calvert Hall introduced readers to Aunt Jane Parrish, a sage and self-reliant widow, living happily with her memories and quilts in rural Kentucky.  Theodore Roosevelt, even made reference to this book in one of his speeches.
In the original story, Aunt Jane describes her own precious quilts, tells their stories, and speaks of life in Kentucky farm country in the late 19th century.  Along the way she shares her wisdom on the art of quilt making and on life itself.  As Aunt Jane says, quoting her Bible, most of her hard life's work "perishes with the using....But when one of my grandchildren or great grandchildren sees one of these quilts, they'll think about Aunt Jane, and wherever I am then, I'll know I ain't forgotten".  
This book will be gifted to the first person who emails me back at