Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm happy to be back!

Good Morning!
I'm simply bursting with NEWS.  I'm going to be a grandma for the very first time!!!  How sweet is that.  Many of you know that I've been waiting for a very long time.  My sweet daughter in law Erin and my son shared the happy news with us.  I need to gather sky miles in a hurry, because they are in Ohio.
  I'm so happy to be back and I have so much to share with you!  As you drive into the Zermatt Resort, these flags line the approach.  You can see the snow capped mountains in the background.  The morning we arrived there were a few snow flurries, however those soon dissipated. 
This is the main lodge where we stayed.  When you are out and about in the courtyard there is Swiss music being beautiful.

Here is a beautiful carved scene in stone extending upward on the clock tower....many little details that make this place so charming.  I forgot to get a picture of our room, but it was lovely.  We had a sitting area around a fireplace which we used in the evenings, when we sewed and chatted and how we snacked.  We momentarily lost all sense!

Here is one of the many great whether vanes that can be found throughout the resort.  I love whether vanes!

First things first.....a visit to the bakery was in order.  Everyday we are given a coupon for a bakery I needed to start my day out with a visit.  This is just one of the cases we are known to drool over, as we stand there mesmerized about which to choose!

This is my first days selection.....with a couple of great big bites taken out of it!  I just couldn't wait,  or at least I didn't think I could.  :-)  It was absolutely sensational!

And in one corner of the bakery is the Gelato!!!  A lot of smooth creamy goodness in many flavors to choose from.......sheer delight!

Amy, the sweet lady on the left is the person who puts on this marvelous retreat.  She is the owner of American Quilting in Orem......a very lovely shop.  She is pictured here with one of her adorable daughters, who is showing the purse she is making out of yo- yos.  The spell check doesn't get the lingo.

Some of the gals really deck out there sewing area....all cute and coordinated!
This sewing set up has a vintage hand embroidered sewing mat....a whole lot of sweetness!
Wendy, who was at the table next to where I was, really had a sweet set up.  She has this vintage picnic tin for her sewing kit.  She purchased it recently at World Market.  Hope you live near one and can find it still very cute.

We all gather in this huge well lighted room to sew......4 days of sewing and creating.

Perhaps you need to be a quilter to understand this.....but all of you who are, know it is a little bit of heaven!!
I finished the table runner that I had shown before I left for this retreat.  Now it will be taken to the quilter today.  Those are the tips of my husbands shoes......he took the picture because he could extend his long arms out.......he's my go to guy.
"Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart".
Winnie the Pooh
Enjoy your day.......I'll have much more to share throughout the week.


  1. Welcome back! While you were gone I too was at a retreat. If you're ever in the area, Sprague's Kinderhook Lodge in Hull, Illinois is a wonderful place to visit. They also have a bed and breakfast running there ... maybe you could stop there on your way to Ohio! ;-)

    1. I have placed the info. in my special little book for things not to forget. If I ever pass that way I will be certain to stop and give you a call. You will have to give me your address and telephone number.

  2. Looks & sounds like you had a wonderful time - I love the Zermatt and Midway in general - hope you got to soak in a hot spring while you were there. It's so fun to see all the goodies that others bring to class - I made a cute pin cushion after seeing one in January on someone's table -

    1. I was so interested to see what everyone was working on, that I did quite a bit of visiting.

  3. A huge congratulations to you! Are you planning those little quilts yet? How fun! I'm envious!

    1. Thank you. I've waited along while to be a Grandma.......I was a bit concerned that it might not happen.......yes, I have many ideas spinning around in my head.

  4. There is Nothing like being a Grandma! Your heart must be so full! Happy to have you back. Love the vintage tin as a sewing box. So much creativity and joy in one room.