Monday, March 17, 2014

The Primrose have spoken....

And they say...."It's Spring"!  These little beauties come back spring after spring.  However, when they do come visiting each spring, they do not mess around with many leaves......just lots of blooms.
The purple plant is one that I planted last week, and the blooms look so pretty against the green leafy background.....I'll take this as evidence of springs arrival. 

Miss Violet the rabbit I made last spring up at Sweet Lavender's in Roy is out and acting as the official greeter.
The proclamation has gone forth....Spring you will be welcomed with open arms!
This is the table runner I've been working it needs to hang here a bit and see what comes next.........tomorrow morning early, we leave for the quilt retreat we've been anticipating and looking forward to.  I will not resume my blogging until I return.  I will be back on May 24th with all kinds of goodies to share with you.........Today I need to organize all of the sewing projects I want to take with me.  I will be teaching the Woodland Tree Skirt and Home is Best.
Happy St Patrick's Day...."May your trouble be less, may your blessings be more.  And nothing but happiness come through your door".   -Irish Blessing


  1. Ohhhhh - A quilt retreat!! How wonderful!! Wishing you a great time and a safe journey!!!

  2. Enjoy your retreat Norma. Maybe you meant to say you'd resume blogging on March 24th? If not, enjoy and enjoy your time away!