Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quilt Group Gathering

Good Morning :-)
We gathered......and some came with a real sense of style....cute, flashy socks!

Isn't this a beauty?  It was shared by Val.....she is the most prolific person in our group.  I will have much more of hers to share tomorrow.
Brittany has been receiving little packages in the mail every month which hold a small piece of Liberty of London fabric.  The fabric is so beautiful, why a little piece.....because it sells for 36 dollars a yard.  Out of these amazing fabrics, she is making these little stars...

What a treasure trove she will have......she already has a large pile of these little beauties.  I just had time to choose 3 to show you.  This little star is balanced on my knee while taking the picture.  You can just see the tip of my shoe.

This is an especially beautiful the center.  The fabrics are really sensational.

And this is Brittany holding our newest member of the quilt group.  Speaking of style......check out baby Ann's socks and matching hat.  So very precious.
I'll take the time to get a bunch of the pictures down loaded to share tomorrow.  I have to catch up before leaving for another quilt retreat that will be held at a resort called Zermatt.  It is nestled up in the Wasatch mountain.  I will be teaching there and having a bunch of good times with all of the quilters who will gather there.  We all sew together in a large much fun!!  I'll take pictures to share it all with you.
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  1. Val's red & white quilt is stunning. Love the alphabet border!!!

    Baby Ann is beautiful. First think I noticed was her knitted hat & matching booties/socks! I love to knit as well as quilt so I fully appreciated the accessories!

  2. I knitted in college, but have not since. Now, I do not have time to knit when I have so many quilting ideas floating around in my head!