Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The sun came out....

And melted the snow....:-)  Spring seems to be creeping ever closer and the birds seem happier today, as I watch them out my window.
Above is a new quilt that can be found on my web is called the Story Teller.  Many of the fabrics have a story to husbands shirts can be found in the quilt. Now let me explain...I did not just go through his closet and say, "why, this would look great in a quilt, I think I'll sneak it out, he'll never miss it",, I just buy him shirts I think would look good in a quilt, and then I encourage him to wear them and then patiently wait until he wears out the elbows.....and then it's mine!  I'm giving you gals ideas!!!!!

Pictured here is the Bird Tree.  Plant a green tree and perhaps the birds will come.  The tree is full of different species of birds, with two quail beneath the tree.  This quilt was featured in Quilt Mania a while back, and it is one of my favorites.   It has been re done with my new logo and with the special touches that my graphic designer does so well.
This evening our quilt group will gather at Elaine's Quilt Block......always something to look forward to.  I'll no doubt have good things to show you tomorrow.
Now for the winners of this months drawing.  There have been so many enter once again so I 3 names have been selected.  The prize will be any of my pillow patterns or something of like value from my web site.  Just contact me with you address and your selection.  The winners are- Susie Floozie.....Linda Ward......Barbara Cole.
In honor of St Patrick's day which is just around the corner - "May you always be blessed with four walls for the wind.  A roof for the rain. A warm cup of tea by the fire.  Laughter to cheer you.  Those you love near you.  And all that your heart might desire".  -Irish Blessing
That covers are needs and wants quite nicely, doesn't it? 


  1. Your Bird Tree is beautiful! We had spring here in Illinois Monday & Tuesday. Last night Ol' Man Winter returned. Even the birds have run for cover again. Looking forward to more spring!

  2. Spring can certainly be unpredictable. I grew up in the Midwest. My sister lived near Freeport on a farm when she was first married.