Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A rainy day.....

This is so unusual for Utah to be having this many rainy days......but for sure we are receiving them with gratitude.  It will help the spring flowers flourish and it will build up our water supply.  Plus it makes for a fantastic sewing day!
I am starting a new quilt, part wool part cotton......and I'm having fun with it.  I have been invited to teach at Corn Wagon Quilt Co. in August and wanted something new.  I have all of the 12 blocks drawn and have some ideas about how to set them together.
I hung this quilt in my home over the week end.  It a Jan Patek design which I made some time ago when Leslie and I were teaching Girl Gang designs at Elaine's Quilt Block.  It has a little bit of everything, but the Spring corner stands out for now.  I was going to hang my Sweet and Simple quilt, but it will be traveling to Primitive Gatherings.
"Before you act, listen.
Before you react, think.
Before you spend earn.
Before you criticize wait.
Before you pray forgive.
Before you quit try."
Ernest Hemingway
Hoping life it good and that you are finding much to smile about.  :-))

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  1. oh, great, I love so much this quilt by Jan Patek!I 've been looking for its pattern for a long time but without success...it's always a pleasure to admire it!
    well done!