Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nothing but blue skies...

do I see!  :-))  Good Morning. 
This little project has come to a conclusion.  You will remember that a shop in Pella, Iowa commissioned me to make a small quilt for their new shop which had just opened.  Here it is ready to be put in the mail....and ready to be hung, before their tulip festival begins.  People come from far and wide to behold the spectacular tulip display.  An event I've been able to enjoy a few times......I'm just salivating at the moment thinking about the trips to the Dutch of my! We will first photograph it for a pattern.  The talented graphic designer who works with me will slip in new wording where the Quilted Windmill is.  I want to discover how they came up with my name for this little project.  That is always the interesting part.
I have a special give away planned for tomorrow....I would love it if anyone out there is working on one of my patterns, if you would email me a picture in whatever stage you are in.  This will be the pool I choose from for tomorrows prize.
I have a busy day ahead of me, so this will be short and sweet today.  I do want to share these beautiful words I ran across that were written in a letter from Byron Caldwell Smith to Kate Stephens.  "Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadows of April showers"......oh to be able to write like that.   Almost forgot to mention, how pleased I was to pick up the phone yesterday to the voice of Christelle at Quilt Mania.....she needed an advertisement.
May you enjoy either the soft April sun, or perhaps the shadow of an April shower.


  1. Norma, I think they will be very pleased with your finished product. It is lovely congratulations on the commission.

  2. I live near Pella, IA and didn't know there was a new quilt shop in town - I guess I better check that out soon! Really cute wall hanging that you designed!

    1. Yes you had better check it out soon. :-)) We are always happy to discover a new quilt shop aren't we?