Monday, May 5, 2014

A new week rolls around....

And a busy week it should be.  There are final preparations for International Quilt Market, and my friend Dawn, from Sew Cherished arrives.  Sometimes there are just so many items on my list, I don't quite no where to I take a deep breath and sit down and read for a bit

A friend I haven't met yet, Claire Birch sent me a picture of the pillow she just finished for her friends birthday.  Her friend Paulette, has three daughters, which are represented by the 3 little ones in the nest.  This is one of my designs, however, mine is in a picture frame.  I love it as a pillow......and Claire has finished it off so nicely with that shade of green.  I like how she added the date into the bottom right corner......It will be a memory to recall.  This is quite an easy project, because it is made from wool.
Claire  also shared this wonderful quote with me.  "When being together is more important than what you do you are with a friend".  Connie McMartin

For the second Wed. of the month drawing for the month of May.....this notice is to let you know that it will be on the Tuesday before as I will be on my way to Market early in the morning on Wednesday.
Enjoy your week!


  1. I'm the Paulette who received that pillow and to say that I was THRILLED was a definite understatement! (you can read about the pillow here~ Thanks again, Claire and thank YOU, Norma for designing such a wonderful project!! You are so talented!!~P

    1. Paulette....I'm happy you were thrilled!

  2. Such a sweet pillow!
    Have a wonderful time at Market :-)

  3. Claire's stitches and her colour choices are exquisite on the pillow that she made for her friend Paulette. It's such a cute pattern and very appropriate for this time of the year with all the birds happily flying around.