Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Waking to bird song....

....is a very good thing.  I lay there wishing I could identify all of the different songs.  First thing in the morning, birds seem to have such a zest for life...they are ready to embrace the day.  They have put a song in my heart and a spring in my step!.....That's very important today, because I  accomplished so much yesterday, that I went to bed massaging on muscle balm into all of my aching and sore parts!!
Even though most of my day involved hard physical type work, I did find a bit of time to work on the latest.  A portion is appliqued down, but as you can see from the picture, there are many tiny applique pins showing.  All of the little pine trees in the distance have been glued in place and are ready to be whip stitched down.  I believe that both of these fisherman are dreaming about the big one!
I have sold out of the Silent Night kits and so we are busy making more of those.....there is one on back order, so we are trying to hurry.  There are still a few of the At Home in the Garden kits left.....after making them for the third time, and there are a few of the kit, How Does Your Garden Grow?  That would make for a great summertime project.  Since the blocks are fairly small, they would be easy to take with you.  On both this kit and the Silent Night, strips are pre cut for the alternate block and for the log cabin blocks that are in the border of Silent Night.
Today I want to share a quote sent to me by one of my blog reader friends, whom I haven't had the privilege of meeting yet....her name is Linda.
"A smile reflects an inner joy and is contagious".
Hope you find many reasons to wear a smile today.  :-))

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