Friday, May 9, 2014

Good Morning Everyone.....

.......I lied and I apologize.  I got very busy at home and never made it over to the quilt show with my camera.  I hope to do better today.  Dawn came home happy but tired last evening as the first day was very successful for her.  We rounded off the evening by going out for burgers, and then we sat and stitched and relaxed.  I hadn't stitched for a few days, so what an enjoyable and satisfying time it was.  Tonight Bruce is going to cook a farm dinner, or as we called it on the farm, supper.  Some days there are just not enough hours in the day, and then by the end of the day, I'm so happy there aren't any additional.  Many evenings as I get into my bed, I'll turn to my husband and say, "Oh how I love my bed"!

I did get a photo of these strawberries.  I would love a basket of these to have out at this time of year.
"Kindness is always fashionable".    Amelia E Barr
I'll be back tomorrow with some goodies....I promise.



  1. Love those strawberries - would love a little bowl of them as well. Looking forward to seeing you at market in just a few short sleeps :).
    Hugs - Karen

    1. Karen if you don't find a pattern for them at market you can call Sweet Lavender....801 774 7330. That is where the photo was taken.

  2. I love the strawberries too! I'll have to find a pattern and make a bowlful.

  3. Would you by any chance know where I could find that strawberry pattern or what the name of it is? I looked for a pattern but didn't find any that looked that nice. Thanks Norma

  4. I love visiting Dawn's booth when she comes to PIQF Santa Clara. Hope you remember your camera today ❤️